If you’ve gotten this far, maybe you’ve seen something that makes you curious. Or I’ve bribed you. Or maybe you’ve just come here to point and laugh.

This is, in part, to document my journey into honoring my body’s limitations about what I should and should not eat. If I want to feel good and be healthy, I have to avoid a few foods I love. Like cow’s milk, which my body likes to reject in the form of eczema, hives, and the inability to wear metal. Particularly in my earlobes (don’t ask me how I figured that part out). And gluten. And have I mentioned soy milk? Just watch me try to get anything but tea in a coffee shop.

This blog is mostly about cooking. I love feeding people. I grew up cooking. Especially around the holidays, when we would crank out cookies by what seemed to be the gross. My grandmother (Mom’s mother) was a prolific baker, and my mother was and continues to be a damned good cook. I learned a lot from both of them. Mom made it a point to have us involved with the kitchen at an early age. I mainly like to cook with whole, unprocessed  or minimally processed food, but I don’t mind the occasional shortcut or guilty pleasure. And certain holidays? Bring on the white flour and sugar! But I imagine my attempts at growing my own food, canning, knitting, and adventures with school, my husband, and my cat, and my misadventures with my favorite accomplices will get plenty of time too. When I post. I give you fair warning. It may not happen much. It will happen somewhere between working full time, going to school part time, as many trips to Disneyland as I can wring out of our budget, and drinking wine.


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